Vehicle livery creates strong family identity

SPELTHORNE Borough Council

The challenge

The brief was to utilise the council’s own vehicles for free mobile advertising as they constantly travel around the borough. A strong graphic motif was needed to carry the recycling message over the varied shapes and sizes of the different vehicles.

The solution

The dynamic curve shape gave a graphic framework which could be adapted to illustrate the various recycling streams and also work across the different shapes of vehicles – whilst keeping its own strong identity.

The motif also had the flexibility to be successfully adapted to roll out over two more fleets. Following  success of the recycling livery, Mary Gorton Design was asked to design liveries for Street cleaning and Parks and open spaces. These used the dynamic curve in slightly different ways giving the fleets their own identity within the overall family.

We have worked with Mary for 18 months, initially on the branding of our new fleet of waste and recycling vehicles. This was so successful that we have since used Mary to design branding for our street cleansing and grounds maintenance vehicles. We now also work with Mary on general recycling campaigns to provide the artwork for leaflets, bin tags etc. Mary’s knowledge of the waste industry, her attention to detail and design expertise has resulted in us being able to more effectively communicate our recycling messages to residents.

Jackie Taylor
Group Head, Neighbourhood Services
Spelthorne Borough Council